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    This video seems to focus around two main characters: a dark Jedi and Grand Admiral Thrawn. The storyline continuity between Thrawn and the events unfolding in the story were very good - right down to the ysailimiri and preparation for the Battle of Bilbringi. I did find a few things unsettling, however, though as the story revolves around a few of them we can chalk it up to "artistic license".

    On to the gripes. I'll start with the storyline quirks first before I get into technical stuff. First of all Thrawn's voice actor... I don't want to say he's horrible, because that would be untrue and might insult the actor. He doesn't match the character, however. At all. He does not sound like a tactician, or even an Imperial Officer. He does not have the sound of calculating precision in his voice, a trait Thrawn was well known for. So while the actor did a good job voicing the lines, he just didn't fit the role very well. Captain Pellaeon's voice actor, however, seemed quite good and fit the role of an aging Imperial officer very well. Another question I had was why Thrawn would be sitting in Darth Vader's pod... thingy. And why there would be a mysterious Super Star Destroyer that we've never heard of roaming the galaxy... and I won't even start with the smattering of random dark Jedi. During the meeting with the Imperial leaders, I found it strange that Rukh was weilding a blaster rifle. I seem to recall him favoring a knife, and he was not the type to even be standing out in front. He preferred to stay in the shadows and strike under the cloak of surprise. Oh, and did we notice that Thrawn was holding a lightsaber in one scene? stick out tongue

    Anyway, all that stuff is really quite little, and if you're not an EU buff you probably wouldn't have noticed much of it anyway. On to the good. I already mentioned that Gilad Pellaeon's voice actor was quite good, but I was also impressed with the actual filming style. The director obviously knows what he's doing, and not only did he film the character sequences well, but he used several different games to get all the effects he wanted. Using the freecam in X-wing Alliance was a stroke of sheer genius, and I'm sure all of you will agree with me that it added a new dimension to the video. Some more pans in the Jedi Academy sequences would have been nice, but I know it's difficult to do, and it's better to leave them out than use them and risk messing them up. I think my favorite part in the video, in tems of technicalities, was the conversation with the Rodian. She was actually speaking Huttese! And yes, Rodians do speak Huttese instead of Rodese most of the time, so that's accurate. I couldn't sit down and translate all of it to see if it was perfectly accurate, but I can say it was probably close in certain areas. She said "478" instead of "178", but two out of three is good wink.

    Overall a very excellently made story. A little large in size when compared to the actual resolution and quality, but well worth a download if you're looking for a good story. I'd recommend giving it a watch, especially for those who enjoy the Expanded Universe and the Thrawn trilogy in particular.

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     #1 - Great. - Posted by: SEX_MATT (Member) on 03-20-2006 at 12:10
    As a big SW, I am always pleased to see that people take time to make
    "extended universe" stuff.
    And what was the best story to take if it wasn't Timothy Zahn's one?

    Sweet to see Thrawn, Joruus C'Baoth, and the others.
    More, I think this wideo will learn something to the people who didn' t red the book.

    btw, gj for the YT-2000 from X-Wing Alliance on the screenshot ^^


     #2 - Posted by: _NRN_R_Fast_Eddie (Member) on 03-20-2006 at 12:38
    I havn't read the Thrawn books, but this is pretty good, particularly the camera work. I'll have to see the other one now. big grin

     #3 - Posted by: BadVlad (Member) on 03-20-2006 at 17:07
    oooh i read the ooks, both the thrawn trilogy and the pasr-future duology
    both excellent smile

    my question is, where do you learn to speak Huttese???confusedconfused

     #4 - Nice little movie... with some problems. - Posted by: JediKilla (Member) on 03-21-2006 at 10:47
    Not a bad movie, but it was kinda boring. First off the voice acting was appaling. All except Captain Pellaeon and the chick who voiced the women characters (she was superb)... Thrawn being the worst. Thrawn was meant to rule the Galactic Fleet with an Iron Fist yet you seem to have made him into a leader who rules with a daisy in his hand. If you make a third one consider changing Thrawns voice to more macho and leader-like. All throughout the film it seemed like he was taking orders from Captain Pellaeon, mainly because he has a less of an authoritive voice. Rectify the script, change the voice actor and it would solve that major problem.

    That whole bit with thrawn explaining to that guy about the battle...god I wanted it to end , it went for about 2 mins if I'm not mistaken! People don't want to know about that and it isn't really a major part of the story, I was thankfull when it ended embarrasment. You've pulled out all the stops visually but have not applied the minor things that would have completed the clip.

    What I did like was the use of other game 'content' (and I use that lightly). That was very well done, especially the space battles. Although some footage from in-game vehicles would have been nice as well. The character movement was also well done. You didn't go for complete overkill when it comes to fight scenes, which was good. Camera work was very nicely done as well.

    All up it wasn't too bad. Congratulations on making a decent movie.Two Thumbs Up!

    - JediKilla

     #5 - Posted by: Aribabaree (Member) on 03-21-2006 at 12:43
    Yeah, it's decent, not brilliant. I personally don't really like such stories, it's a bit boring. I think that that kind of filming better suits a comedy. A serious story like this doesn't convince me. But it's my point of view. And maybe I shouldn't criticise it, because sure it does make sense and is pretty inventive - probably much better than episode I.

    However, the video is edited great, there are some very refined and impressive tricks. Camera movement is also very well done. Especially when the whole film is done by one actor and npcs. Very good selection of music.

    All in all, I'm sure it's a very mature video, in many respects better than all the others on this website, but I think it's too serious. I must say that the lenghty dialogs sometimes made me sick and tired.

     #6 - Thank you. :o) - Posted by: michelleann (Member) on 03-22-2006 at 09:42
    I just wanted to thank everyone who has commented on my voice acting for Keeik and Kira. I had a lot of fun working on this project.

    To answer the question about speaking Huttese, I just went with it. I am actually not a huge fan, besides being a Carrie Fisher look-a-like and a fan of the original movies. I just did my very best and went with how the character felt. I'm glad it turned out so well! It was definitely a challenging character to voice.

    Once again, thank you. smile

    Michelle Ann

     #7 - Posted by: McCusto (Member) on 03-22-2006 at 17:54
    Wow, I am not even half way through it and I am already fully impressed!


     #8 - Posted by: whoami775 (Member) on 03-22-2006 at 23:22
    Yes! I have waited forever for this to come out! From being somewhat dissapointed in the beginning of the first one, and then realising that the film was actually rather good, and then loving it, i have become a real Darth Angelus fan!

    Will watch and then rate.

     #9 - Posted by: Worf66 (Member) on 03-27-2006 at 15:25
    where can i dl the dark jedi skin that is on the screenshot?

     #10 - Nice One!!! - Posted by: Tornado_FDC (Member) on 03-28-2006 at 19:58
    10/10 Very Nice Work Pimp!

     #11 - Posted by: MasRacr (Member) on 03-29-2006 at 10:14
    I can't get it to work????

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