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  • Star Wars: Darkness Unleashed Teaser - Reviewed by Inyri

    There are two ways to make a trailer. The first way is to show a bunch of clips from your film, focusing on the content and trying to grab the viewer. The second way is to focus on the story of your film and try to pique the viewer's curiosity. This video most definitely takes the second route, and what it lacks in attention-grabbing action it makes up for in suspense and intrigue.

    You're not going to see any fast-paced duels or starfighter dogfighting in this video. What you will see is some very slow camera motion -- a lot of still shots, pans, and slow motion -- with a voice track over the top. The voice is seemingly the main character giving some insight into the plot. The lack of attention-grabbing video keeps the focus on the voice track while creating a calming and somewhat suspenseful air about the teaser.

    Given the lack of real video content I'd suspect filming isn't too far along, but if this teaser is any indication then the plans for the film are solid. I'd hazard a guess that, based on the cutting and editing of this teaser, the film will be pretty good and will likely be worth a watch for film enthusiasts. This teaser is about TV commercial length (roughly 30 seconds), so I'm looking forward to a longer trailer in the future that gives a deeper look into the film's content!


    Size: 6.61 MB
    Developer: Darth Angelus
    Downloads: 356
    Date Added: 10-17-2007
    Type / Category: Media > Video
    Average User Rating: 6.5
    Number of Votes: 13


     #1 - Posted by: Metaguardian (Member) on 10-17-2007 at 22:44
    I'm surprised no one has commented on this yet. As a movie-maker myself, knowing the limitations of the JKA engine for film-making, this was really an impressive trailer and I liked the character focus. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie big grin

     #2 - Posted by: 2Link (Member) on 10-18-2007 at 18:33
    O_o it kinda appeared here without notice so nobody saw it.

     #3 - Posted by: Sabermaster12 (Member) on 10-20-2007 at 02:13
    10/10 i loved it big grin

     #4 - Posted by: Darth_Angelus (Member) on 10-29-2007 at 10:25
    Thanks, it's good to know people are looking forward to seeing the video. I've just submitted the full trailer so that should be appearing in a few days smile


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