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  • Star Wars: Darkness Unleashed Trailer - Reviewed by Inyri

    Just two weeks ago we were graced with a teaser for the upcoming film Darkness Unleashed. Now we have a full-length trailer, lasting over two minutes, and now featuring some pretty nice action as well as a softer, slower introductory period at the beginning.

    Some slow intro footage builds up the story behind the film. After the last teaser I'm really now starting to get a feel for the video. The story is becoming more clear and the footage really shows the emotion of the characters. This is in part due to some very fitting background music, good filming technique, and a seamless integration of footage from two very different games. The footage from Jedi Academy and Empire at War complement each other quite nicely and it really adds some spice to this trailer.

    I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the final product! Wish all participants of this video project luck with their debut at Festival Arcadia in Montreal during the second week of November!


    Size: 34.2 MB
    Developer: Darth Angelus
    Downloads: 434
    Date Added: 10-30-2007
    Type / Category: Media > Video
    Average User Rating: 5.6
    Number of Votes: 13


     #1 - Posted by: PoJoCypher (Member) on 10-30-2007 at 19:10
    Looked great, but the voice acting could've been better. But it seems awesome enough to even overlook that. I'm looking forward to more ^^

     #2 - Posted by: BackToMurder (Member) on 10-31-2007 at 00:51
    Hurry with making the movie! I'm definetly looking forward to see this. The space battle looked awesome!

     #3 - Posted by: DARK_OPI_WAHN (Member) on 10-31-2007 at 06:59
    the trailer is nice
    very nice, but not epic enough stick out tongue
    Well im looking forward seeing that

     #4 - Posted by: Darth_Angelus (Member) on 10-31-2007 at 14:05
    The voice acting sounds much better in the proper scenes than it does in the trailer. But that's the dialogue that works best for this little preview smile

    I hope you'll enjoy the final video when it's made available smile

     #5 - Posted by: Unfoldingsith (Member) on 10-31-2007 at 14:47
    why is that music so familiar ? hmm can't recall where is it from...

     #6 - Posted by: the_darker_one (Member) on 11-01-2007 at 17:11
    Thers 2 things I'm wondering:
    #1: wasn't this video released a whil ago on youtube?
    #2:Is that in Jedi academy at 1:22 with the ash rain?

     #7 - Posted by: Darkyxjedi (Member) on 11-02-2007 at 06:36
    .. i like it that i have one question, where get you that space battle from ;o?

     #8 - Posted by: Darth_Angelus (Member) on 11-02-2007 at 14:43
    The music is currently being used for the Battlestar Galactica: Razor previews.

    The video was put on Youtube before here.
    Both the ash rain and the space battle are from Empire at War.

    Anyone more questions? smile

     #9 - Posted by: the_darker_one (Member) on 11-03-2007 at 05:41
    Well, I can't wait for it to be finished. stick out tongue

     #10 - Posted by: DakAdiras (Member) on 11-03-2007 at 18:02
    at 0:48 is that the trayus academy?

     #11 - Posted by: Tulak_Hord (Member) on 12-09-2007 at 06:47
    Where can I find this "Battle Star Galactica: Razor Previews" Music?


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