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  • Star Wars: A Galaxy in Darkness Teaser - Reviewed by Dommie Kun

    This is a teaser for the upcoming JKA film Darkness Saga, it is 2 minutes and goes through the stages of the previous films and leads onto what we will get in the final movie.
    The effects are pretty good and the acting is good enough also, I especially liked the reborn_new acting, as it sounded very dark ^^.
    It would have been better if their mouth's moved, but I think the only way possible for that would be to make taunt sounds and taunt xD (would look stupid)
    From what I can make out, it is leading on to an attack from the Yuzzhan Vong. Some parts I didn't get - but that's probably due to me being tired >_>

    So, if you're wanting a quick taste of what Darkness Sage is about, give it a download!

    -Dommie Kun

    Size: 28.52 MB
    Developer: Darth Angelus
    Homepage: http://www.bathtub-productions.com/
    Downloads: 245
    Date Added: 08-23-2008
    Requirements: Quicktime
    Type / Category: Media > Video
    Average User Rating: 8.1
    Number of Votes: 7


    #1 - Posted by: MatmanDude (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 14:26
    The Darkness Sage? I think there's a typo there. Side effect of being tired? Eh.

    Anyway... the old Darkness JKA films were pretty good so I think this new one that's coming will be too. Pimp!Two Thumbs Up!Pimp!

     #2 - Posted by: Darth_Angelus (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 16:33
    MatmanDude, thanks for the compliment, always good to know people enjoyed something I created smile

     #3 - @ #2 - Posted by: ObiWanKenody (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 17:26
    Yeah, I know that feeling too, Angelus. And to be honest, this wasn't all that bad at all. I just didn't like how the quality of the video jumped all around, but obviously that was because they were previous films, so the rendering could've been different. But it was a bit...too quiet, for a trailer. I don't mean to stumble on your video tho, at all. I just think a thing or two could've been made differently, but that's just me. All in all, I gave it a 7/10.smile


     #4 - Can't Wait - Posted by: Tulak_Hord (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 17:41
    I've downloaded and enjoyed all of your "Darkness" episodes. I've loved em so much, that I burned em to DVD, and I watch it every few weeks. And I always marvel at your wonderful works Angelus. I believe that your video making skills are on par with Kenody's! (If not a bit better)

    Every time that I watch "Falling Into Darkness", I think back to how you began with a rather simple but epic movie here on JKFiles. Now, we look at "Darkness Unleashed", and view it's wonder and beauty. It was very well made. (like the entier series) And when I caught that 1 second snippet of the Yuuzhan Vong at the end, and then the "Coming Soon.... Galaxy In Darkness...." I knew that the wonderful storyline wasn't done yet, and there'd be one more epic to wrap it up. The climax episode. Looks like I'll have to edit my DVD.

    I guess that the lead character (who's name may be revealed in this one?) really may not stay on the light side. Hmmmmmmm....very intriguing......

    I can't wait man!

     #5 - Double Post - Posted by: Tulak_Hord (Member) on 08-23-2008 at 17:44
    Not to mention what will happen between the main character and Varrier, if she really is alive...

     #6 - Looking forward to it! - Posted by: edenist (Member) on 08-24-2008 at 00:24
    Its looking very nice indeed. I also noticed some Freelancer footage in there also [the ship landing at the geodesic domes], and the Coruscant Promenade map by Starunner, which is by far the best coruscant map for the JK series.
    Cant wait for the full movie to be released!

     #7 - Posted by: Vast (Member) on 08-24-2008 at 01:14
    [hint]SJC's Padme's Coruscant Apartment[/hint] stick out tongue

    Anyways yeah, i'm also looking forward to it, good job!

     #8 - Posted by: Ravagerlord (Member) on 08-24-2008 at 03:40
    It rocks!

    Im fixing those files for you so you can use em if its not to late :x

    Nevertheless, teaser: 10/10! stick out tongue

     #9 - Posted by: msc204x (Member) on 08-24-2008 at 15:35
    o_O, thats going a tad overboard with the teaser screen. but sure ill give it a chance. itll be interesting to see the Yuuzhan Vong acting stick out tongue

     #10 - Posted by: Bluestormtrooper (Member) on 08-28-2008 at 16:15
    Huh. Poor voice acting, veeery slow editing, poor compression (although I can't really use that against the video itself.) The fact that it's a .mov does redeem it a bit. Regardless, I just can't get into it. Something faster paced would be nicer and more interesting to watch. Sorry, 4/10,
    Keep trying! You can only get better with film.



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